Litigation / Collection of debts

You will benefit from the fact that some of our attorneys are also licensed in Germany. Their expertise and knowledge in German litigation will be important for your success.

Naturally we will first try to solve your legal problem without bringing your case to court. In case no solution can be reached, you have the advantage of having your attorney in the US represent you in German courts if necessary. Your contact attorney in the US prepares all necessary documents for the German authorities.

You can prevent the common practice of an American attorney in the U.S. just receiving the facts of your case and referring your case for further processing to German attorneys. With our law firm you will not only avoid the attorney fees for an additional attorney but also the communication obstacles between the attorneys of foreign countries.

Our practice guarantees that the attorney who takes your case will personally ask you all necessary questions to receive detailed facts about your case. This is important for your success and to determine the risks.