German Immigration Law

Tourist & Business Visitors

U.S. citizens who visit Germany for business or vacation purposes may enter Germany without a visa, provided that their stay in Germany does not exceed three months and that the foreign citizen has a valid national passport.

Such trips cannot involve in gainful employment or studying. However, activities such as attending business meetings and negotiations, signing contracts, installing and supervising a trade fair stand or similar activities are not considered gainful employment provided that the stay does not last for more than three months.

U.S. citizens employed by a company located in a foreign country who install industrial equipment or machines or supervise such installations because of a contract between their U.S. employer and a German company are not considered to be gainfully employed in Germany.

Work Permit

U.S. citizens who intend to work in Germany are required to obtain a work permit from the local employment office (Arbeitsamt) in the district in which the U.S. citizen plans to reside.

German immigration law provides for various types of work permits. Some are issued for a special type of employment in a certain area, others are issued for a job in a certain company.
Generally all work permits are linked to the employer.

The U.S. citizens must initially register their German address with the local residents’ registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) within one week of finding permanent living quarters.

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IT Green Card

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