Firm Profile

The German American Law Group, APC is an international business law firm that specializes in German and American law as well as international and European law. In the field of German American business transactions we combine our know-how, our competence and creativity to offer attractive solutions to our international clients who have established or intend to establish any kind of enterprise within the U.S. or Germany.

Our clients can expect to receive high-quality legal advice from experienced attorneys with a good understanding of both countries.
The consultations can be held at our offices in both countries regardless whether American or German law is the subject matter, and in both languages to the highest convenience and satisfaction of our clients.

Entities who intend to do business in Germany by establishing corporations and other business organizations are advised in any kind of law that is touched by their enterprise abroad, such as corporate, contract, trademark and immigration law.  We guide our clients through the entire foundation process. Our clients can concentrate fully on their business while we offer them solutions for their complex advisory needs.

Our law firm’s comprehensive professional consulting allows our clients to anticipate how American and German substantial and procedural rules will influence their project abroad. Thus we enable them to create a realistic business plan for their international enterprise.